Satanic Ritual Abuse

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

By: Dianne Christine Colbert

There are people who believe that SRA is merely a conspiracy. Many articles on google will tell you this. The horrors and atrocities committed within SRA are almost unspeakable. Those that do speak out are often accused of lying.

My first experience with a survivor of Satantic Ritual Abuse was when we heard a sermon “You are the bride of Christ,” and one of the members of the group I was with started to manifest a demon. It was discovered that she had been married to a demon during an SRA ceremony by her father. I have discovered since then that being married to demons in SRA ceremonies is one of the common practices.  She had lost some of her fingers and toes during these ceremonies. The evidence of her abuse was very real. This survivor loved the Lord deeply, was committed to following Jesus, regularly prayed and read her Bible. Very few SRA survivors will feel comfortable speaking about their experience. They need reassurance when they share their stories that you believe them. They need help to tap into the healing power of Jesus.

To be able to come alongside and support SRA survivors, we need to first be aware that this does happen and is not a result of delusions and hallucinations.  The fear of speaking out is enormous, and so often the voices of victims are silenced due to people’s lack of belief (similarly to victims of sexual abuse who have often tried to disclose the abuse and not been believed). It is understandable that their stories are difficult to believe which is why it’s important for all Christian leaders to be aware of what happens and how to respond appropriately.

I was able to interview Terri, a friend in the USA who had a survivor of SRA staying in her home for a few months.  You can hear her insights here: Satanic ritual abuse information for Christians

Not all people who have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) are survivors of SRA, but I am lead to understand that just about all survivors of SRA have DID as a result. The trauma can also lead to depression and anxiety, and other mental health problems.

If you are involved in helping survivors, some helpful resources and training information is available from the Prayer Ministries Network –

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