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There are many helpful websites for people living with mental illness, carers, family and friends.  Some of these websites are:

Christian Websites:

Dr: Grant Mullen –

Dr. Willard F. Harley –


Joyce Meyer’s Testimony of healing – Meyer’s testimony

Other websites:

NOTE: Many websites are being updated with information supporting gender ideology which is dangerous and unscientific. ANCMHA does not support gender ideology. For understanding the dangers of gender ideology, seen the American College of Pediatricians information “Gender ideology harms children.”

Beyond Blue:
Black Dog Institute:
Blue pages Australia:
Butterfly Foundation (Eating Disorders):

Lifeline Australia:
Living is for everyone:
Living Works Australia:
Mental Health Advocacy Service:
Mental Health Coordinating Council:
Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia:
Mental Health in Multicultural Australia:
National Alliance on Mental Illness:
Parent Infant Research:
Reach Out:
SANE Australia:
Suicide Call Back Service:
Suicide Prevention Australia:
White Wreath:
Youth Beyond Blue:


BOOK: Healthy Hearts Healthy Minds: How the Bible helps your mental health – download here


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